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Counseling for Adolescents and Teens

The adolescent and teenage years are a time of sudden and overwhelming change. Reveille Counseling offers counseling support for teens as they navigate these challenging years. We offer professional counseling for many of the issues teenagers are facing today: anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, body-image issues, self-harm, social anxiety, difficulties fitting in, and overall feelings of stress that comes with the demands of a busy schedule and long hours of homework. Our counselors will teach your teen coping skills, ways of managing stress, and better ways of communicating with others.

Family sessions are also offered to help you connect with your teen and learn ways to improve your communication with them.

We find that teens can often feel nervous and hesitant to initially come to counseling, and find that with our counselors they feel comfortable and eager to return! They will be met with compassion, non-judgement, and a safe place for them to process and overcome the challenges they are facing.