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How to Handle Grief

Posted on September 19, 2020 at 12:10 AM

How to Effectively Handle Grief



Grief is the overwhelming mental and emotional pain we experience over the loss of someone. Grief is unwelcomed yet unavoidable. We cannot control how and when we feel grief or even what causes it. But what we can control is how we handle it. Don't get me wrong, handling grief if no easy feat. But handling our grief is an important aspect of getting some form of closure and moving forward with our lives. If we fail to resolve our grief it can lead to other emotional and even physical problems.


What are some healthy ways to effectively handle grief?

Well, let's start by acknowledging that there is no right or wrong way to grieve and how each person experiences grief is different. With that said there are healthy ways and habits to assist with the grieving process.


1. Develop healthy rituals to help yourself through the grieving process. It can as simple as talking to someone or joining a grief support group or talking to a grief counselor. Another healthy ritual is to find ways to express your pain through creative expressions such as painting, singing, or writing a journal.

2. Give yourself time to grieve. Don't pretend you are not feeling grief and that you need to be ok after a set period of time. Grief has no timeline.

3. Take care of yourself. Grieving can cause you to forget to take care of yourself and you start forgetting to eat or sleep.

4. Accept that your life has changed and may never be the same. You cannot undo what was done. Your only option is to accept it and gradually work through the pain.

5. Seek support from people who you trust to create a safe space of trust. Talk to someone who will listen and not judge how you are feeling.

6. Forgive yourself. If for some reason you are feeling guilt over a loved one's passing due to hurtful things said or done right before their passing. Know that this was not your fault and you can still apologize to them in your heart.

7. Create a living amendment. If you have regrets following your loved one's passing for example you spent too much time working and not enough time with them. You can make a promise that as long as you live you will never let something like that happen again and spend more time with the family you have. This will intern allow you to go through the grieving process knowing you can make amends for your actions in some other way.



Final Thoughts

Everyone grieves in different ways and in their own time. The only thing that is certain is that you must find healthy processes to cope with your loss to prevent further emotional pain. Only then you will start to heal.



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