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Why Group Counseling?

Group sessions cost less than half of individual sessions.

Sometimes group counseling can increase healing in an exponential way. Six group sessions may cover the ground of twelve individual sessions.

Groups are safe and all members agree to rules including absolute confidentiality of all members.

Group Counseling Lake Mary, FL

You've landed on our group counseling page. Our professional team offers a variety of groups throughout the year to address your concerns. Click on a title below to learn more about each group offering.


Relationships, anxiety, stress, self esteem and positive communicating are often stumbling blocks for a stronger sense of self. This 8 week group will help equip you with tools for your life! Come and see! Call to register.


This confidential 7 week group will empower you with skills and insight for building and maintaining healthy relationships. Topics addressed include:

  • How do I build positive relationships with peers and the opposite sex?
  • What are my relational strengths?
  • What role does my self-image play?
  • How will I know whether or not a relationship is healthy?